A few words about us

Innovative Technology Moving You To New Heights!

We believe that the world is changing in every aspect, and the major challenge is to bridge the digital divide. The Advertising business is coming to a major milestone; every aspect of advertising is going to evolve, from broadcasting to narrowcasting, from Static to Dynamic and from analog to digital. Information technology and communication is leading the change. THE CORE through its experience in mastering both Information Technology and Advertising is one of the leaders of the Advertising change in MENA region (Middle East North Africa) and expanding to worldwide market.

The Core Mission

From the start, the Core had one mission, which is to Introducing new innovations to the Business market in Egypt and the Middle East. Innovation on all fields of Information Technology, Media, Web, Advertising, HR Consulting, Mobile Applications, Graphics Design and Printing. We introducing new technologies, we're always the first to use new techniques, languages and tools, providing a kind of services that you will not find it available anywhere else. Our services are wide ranged to clients, businesses and entities in Egypt, Dubai and the MENA region.

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It’s Not easy to be a Leader, How do we stay on Top? New Mission... New Vision!

It is hard to be different, even harder to lead, but it is Not difficult for leaders to stay on the top… If you worked with The Core before, and if we were honored to have you as a client of The Core, then you sure know by now where The Core stands on our market.

Our Vision is changing the market to the way it should be, by moving the market up to our level by setting the bar higher and higher to the way we do business. Wondering how we do business? well, the Core uses the science of client relations, business research, market analysis, breaking into new technology fields, latest implementation techniques and innovation design and media advertising. I think you realize what the vision we strive for on the core now.

Core Teams

  • Web Developers and Designers

    We have groups with top web expertise, as we're specialized in Flash and Advanced Web Technologies, and our Design and Graphics team is on of the best in the market.

  • Systems and Software Engineers

    Our Engineers are highly educated and experienced, they know how to deliver a top-notch system.

  • Mobile Developers

    We have a great team of Mobile Developers, their work will soon be released.


It’s on our Focus to develop partnership with the companies we’re working with. In this market, weak entities fail to survive… we know we’re not weak; our company is one of few companies that introduce new technologies to the IT field in Egypt and Middle-East.

Now, we welcome all our clients, and all IT companies looking forward to enlarge their spectrum, contact us now and let’s develop a strong partnership.

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